Things to do before you practice to avoid distractions

Distractions always happen when we are practicing. Believe it or not if you do these things before you practice, you are more likely to reduce any sort of distractions and you can optimise your practice time.

Avoid distractions

1. Go to toilet

No, I'm not kidding. How many times do you go to toilet in the middle of your practice session? This toilet need often happen at the times when we are doing something laborious, so if you go to toilet before you practice, in the next 30 mins, you are not likely to have another toilet break.

2. Open the window of your practice room

Well, this may sound weird, but having a fresh air coming into your practice room will help you to feel better. Closing the windows and doors will make you feel like you are trapped in the practice room.

3. Have a snack

Having a snack before practicing has two benefits: you do not have excuses to stop practicing in the middle because you are feeling hungry and you do not want to practice piano and snack at the same time because if the food drop onto your piano, you may damage your precious instrument.

4. Stretching exercise

You are going to be sitting in front of the piano for some time, your body may feel tired. So, doing stretching exercise will make you feel more wake up and concentrate longer.

By Erik Tjahja

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