Can't let go잊을만도 한데 - Seo Young Eun서영은

Check my video here (was uploaded on 29 January 2012)

This is a 49 days OST, a korean drama series that was aired in 2011, the story that revolve around Ji Hyun, a girl whose life seemed to be perfect but involved in an accident and died earlier than 'scheduled', where she was given another chance to live. However, she must engage in a mission to collect teardrop from three people who genuinely love her other than her family members.

The music video concept begin with a stop motion picture, which then simply used tripod to shoot the video, edited with ken burn effect to create a sense of camera movement. Basically its a trial and error MV.

Can't Let Go (OST 49 Days) - Seo Young Eun
Sheet music can be found  here

By Erik Tjahja


  1. Could you please upload the sheet music? Greatly appreciate it :D

    1. Hi, I just uploaded the sheet music, thanks.

  2. Ah.. i have not make sheet music for this might have to wait for a while.. im very busy at this moment. I don't even have time to make new video

  3. I need the sheet music for my sister,too. thx..

    1. Hi, i just uploaded the sheet music, thanks.



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