MONACO - What's Yours is Mine

This is an original composition by composer Austin Wintory, which then later used to be the soundtrack of, well,  MONACO: whats yours is mine by Majesco Entertainment. For those of you who play games, probably this title is very familiar. Anyway, in terms of technical aspects, this piece surprisingly difficult to play at full speed. Despite being a short composition, it has lots of tricky parts that just difficult to get it right. I need to do quite a number of takes before finally settle for the best version and speed. However, this piece is indeed very fun to play. I had a great honor that the composer himself went into my video and leave a comment. He is a very nice and down to earth person.

MONACO - What's Yours is Mine

For a bit of fun part, he actually wrote the title wrongly on the score, and thus the wrong title on my YouTube video. Anyway, perhaps he was too tired working on this brilliant piece.

Tips to practice this piece:

1. This piece is very fast and difficult, do not try to play this piece very quickly right at the start, unless you know what you are doing. Start slow and steady, get all the right notes first. 
2. The tremolo part in the right hand sometimes difficult to execute, do not try to do the tremolo too long when doing the slow practice. Remember, you can only do just a very short tremolo once you play this at full speed.
3. Use metronome to gradually increase the speed. If you don't use metronome, you might ended up with uneven speed.
4. No pedal used. Unless you want to create a certain sound effect, but i think this piece is best played without pedal. 

you can watch my video here
you will need to purchase the MP3 file to download the score here

By Erik Tjahja



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