The Little Bunny - Erik Tjahja

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The Little Bunny - Erik Tjahja
This is my original composition, about a little bunny that hops around the bush looking for food. It occasionally stops for a while when it found its food. This is the time when you have to play the acciaccatura notes. You need to jump very quickly to hit these notes and get ready to play again!

 "A very short composition that provides some challenges for piano students at at least grade 1 level."
This piece is a piece that can be used as a teaching piece. Some of the new things they will learn (if never learn before): staccato, staccato-legato articulation, acciaccatura, semiquavers and control of jumps on left hand as well as sudden jumps on right hand. This piece can also be used for simple chord analysis for those in grade 4/5 as this piece only use chord I, IV and V as a little demonstration of what kind of song you can make with these simple progression (although there are many others out there that also use this simple chord progression)

Tips on how to practice this piece:

1. Practice the left hand jumps first. They are not too difficult but can be tricky when you started to put it together with right hand.
2. Understanding the phrasing of this piece will help you to understand the flow of the piece. This is a   good example of a regular four bar phrase. If you are currently learning theory and having difficulties to understand about four bar phrase, you can learn from this piece.
3. Make sure you play the acciaccatura notes on time. This should not be too difficult because only right hand need to jump and play the note. To avoid error, look at the note that you are about to play ahead of time and you will hit the acciaccatura note without a miss.

Stay tuned, sheet music should be available for download in the near future.

- Now you can purchase the mp3 track of this piece here
- You can purchase the score for only $ 0.99 here

By Erik Tjahja


  1. It is a cute song.Feels like u are going to be a bunny!:)

  2. haha thanks! well..with some kind of harry potter magic? lolx



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