Danzas Argentinas - Danza del Gaucho Matrero

Danzas Argentinas - Danza del Gaucho Matrero
With directions such as furiosamente (“furiously”), violente (“violent”), and salvaggio (“wild”), Ginastera left no doubt as to how the third dance, Danza del gaucho matrero (“Dance of the Arrogant Cowboy”), should be performed. Ginastera makes use of gratuitous dissonance in this piece, often using minor seconds to harmonize otherwise simple melodies. The structure is an approximate rondo (ABACDACD), and the thematic material alternates between chromatic passages (sections A and B) and highly tonal, melodic passages (C and D). The jubilant sound of the C section is achieved by harmonizing every single melody note with a major chord, even if they are totally foreign to the tonic key. The D section, by contrast, does not use a single accidental; here, jubilance is expressed through the use of brisk tempo, strong rhythm, fortissimo, and a simple, majestic chord progression. As might be expected from the savageness of the rest of the piece, the coda is anything but subtle: ffff dynamics and a tremendous glissando bring the dance to a close.
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Tips to practice this piece:

1. Start slow. This piece is very difficult, never rush to play this too fast too soon, you will have a lot of problem with both hands coordination, especially in the beginning part.
2. Check your accents, the way Ginastera place his accents on this piece is very particular, if you do not play the accents properly you may find out that your music sounds a bit weird or there is something wrong.
3. This piece is pretty much restless, you have to managed your 'muscle breathing' properly when you are still playing this pice very slowly and get into the righ habit.
4. When doing glissando, always use finger nails.
5. Leave a comment below if you got any more questions that you want me to include in this tips.

Here is the sheet music for this piece
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  1. I have repeatedly watched this video, I can;t stop loving this !
    I really want to play this song. Would you please send the piano sheet to my email?

    1. Thanks, since you did not give me your email, i decided to upload it to mediafire.



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