Friends フレンズ Stephanie

Utada Hikaru's Goodbye Happiness music video inspired me to create this style of music video. I like it how in Hikki's music video started with her introducing the herself by carrying a black paper and acting as if she is recording her own singing in her private room, before suddenly the room change and become more lively. In this video I emulated the beginning of Hikki's video. I also try to demonstrate the concept that I can do whatever I want in the video and will still get the right sound through this video. Too bad, I can't change the background here because I don't have someone else to help me to do something in the background.

Friends フレンズ Stephanie

The theme song is used as an ending for Gundam 00 anime. This song has a very interesting lyric that talks about friendship. The style might not be exactly like the original, but it is modified to fit into piano sonority. The octaves in the right hand and left hand makes this piece a very exciting song to play indeed.

Tips on practicing this piece:

1. This piece is very jumpy, both right hand and left hand need to jumps around all the time, so when you just started to learn this piece, it is better to get a hang on how each hand will jump.
2. Always begin from slow practice. There is no need to rush, unless you know what you are doing. Rushing to play this very fast will make you end up with playing many wrong notes.
3. Although the arpeggio passage seems to be very fast, keep the rhythm steady. Remember it is a semiquaver triplet, not some really fast arpeggio that you need to play up and down. If you play with correct rhythm it will be easier to managed both hands together as well as playing it up to speed.
4. When playing all octaves in the right hand it is important to keep the wrist relax always. If you lock your wrist you will get tired very fast.

Enjoy your practice

Piano solo sheet music is available for download here.
You can watch the video here.

By Erik Tjahja


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