Forever Love - Wang Lee Hom 王力宏

When I made this video, I was experimenting with the different lighting that I could possibly do within my small practice room. I quite like this setting, although when I changed the camera angle, it turns out that the color contrast looks very different. Because I'm using 50mm lens on my Canon DSLR and the room is small, I can't fit in more than a bit of my hand into the video. This is already the best framing I could get at that time.

Forever Love - Wang Lee Hom 王力宏
This is a cozy popular Chinese song by Wang Lee Hom. One can indulge in its simple and beautiful melody. There are some depth in texture in the piano accompaniment here. This arrangement is by no mean trying to imitate the original, but adopted to suit the piano sonority. The repetition of the verse is omitted.

Tips on practicing this piece:

1. The introduction of this piece is very tricky because I'm trying to emulate the something like a woodwind instrument in the beginning. The result of that is the rather angular and jumpy passage that sometimes can be quite difficult to execute correctly. Make sure you practice the pedalling on this part too, because it is the main factor that determine whether you play this brokenly or connected.
2. For most of the middle part is not technically challenging, so I guess the normal way of practicing would do. Leave a comment below if you encounter specific difficulties that you want me to address.
3. Towards the end there is a fast arpeggio passage in the left hand combined with right hand octaves melody. Do make sure that you know your left hand well, then you can focus your attention to the rather jumpy right hand passage.  

You can watch the video here.
Sheet music can be found here.

By Erik Tjahja


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